Sunday, April 22, 2012

Platoon Commander and 15mm Buildings

timmy! had some guys over at his house recently to play a game of Kevin and Doug's Platoon Commander ruleset. They are currently in the process of developing them which sounds fun and challenging.

I was only able to swing by as the game was winding down, so I took a couple pics, enjoyed the post game discussion, and took a look at some of the 15mm buildings timmy! recently bought from Crescent Root

They played a Guadalcanal game with 3 companies of Marines trying to take a ridge being held by ? number of Japanese. I believe Doug told me the figures were 25mm. They said it was a draw, but even the Marine commanders were questioning whether or not they had even done that well.

They're still making a few tweaks to the rules (does it ever end?). I wish them luck in this endeavor.

The buildings were very detailed. One thing that I wish I could do with the 6mm guys is put them in the buildings - tough to do at this scale. They felt lighter than normal resin. However, he says they are less expensive so it must be a tad different kind of resin. Can't wait to see them painted. The coolest building is the large church.


  1. Thanks again guys for coming over on Saturday, good times where had by all!

    The Crescent Root buildings are probably one of the best buildings out there now in 15mm. You cant beat the cost and the detail is superb! Mark the owner of Crescent Root is a great guy to deal with and is very fast with getting his product to you. Hopefully in the next coming weeks I will have some buildings painted and will display them on here.

  2. Nice job all around. Looking forward to seeing the buildings adorned.

  3. Looking forward to future Platoon Commander reports, and seeing the new buildings in action.