Monday, April 23, 2012

Pre-Game Pics of Jerry's CDTOB WWI Board

Jerry is getting ready for another Command Decision WWI game in 15mm. He's been spending a lot of time on these great looking boards.

Jerry will send me more info on the boards. Ask any questions you have and he'll be glad answer them.

10645--View from the British lines.

10652--German hill fortress gets bombed.

10670-- Birdseye view of the battlefield.

10679--Brit tanks and infantry attack the fortress.

10680--Stosstruppen massing for a counterattack.

10684--German command group. Note the scissor scopes!

10679--Brit tanks and infantry attack the fortress.


  1. OK I am over impressed, that looks stunning. Looks like the game was fun as well


    1. WOW, that's glossy mag material for sure, and the board also looks pretty hefty size-wise, so it's able to handle quite a few participants.

      Great job Jerry!