Thursday, April 19, 2012

timmy! at Recruits April 2012

Jealous I couldn't have gone to what I hear is a great show, Recruits. timmy! shared with me his experience there:

My buddies and I took off at the wee hours of 0400 for the convention held in Lees Summit Missouri called Recruits
We all piled into Rich's van and made the three hour drive.
First stop was breakfast at the local Perkins restaurant.
One hell of a group of guys. Clockwise, Will H, Dave S, Rich W, Adam J and timmy!
After a nice breakfast we went to the con. Saturday seemed pretty busy with a good attendance.

The boys split up to play their games of choice. I assisted in running several Force on Force games with Shawn who is the writer of the rules
For the convention I debuted my 20mm dumpsters, trash bags and refrigerators that I sculpted. Many more cool items to come!  These will be listed on Combat Wombats site pretty soon. 

By around 4:30 we were all pretty tired and ready to go home. All of us had a great day and look forward to attending future Recruits.  IMHO its one of the best in this area.

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  1. Fun stuff Tim, and thanks to Todd for posting it! I was pretty tired after the con, but once back home was still so hyped I couldn't fall asleep till midnight.