Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Jerry's Arnhem Game Pics

Jerry put on his Arnhem game and it sounds as though it went well. (Remember, I couldn't make it - BLAST!) Thank you to Jerry, Tony, Jim, and Pat for photos - Tim, Dave and a few others joined them. The rules are Command Decision: Test of Battle and he plays at 15mm.
Jerry talking to the players and Gen Urquart?

The following are comments from Jerry concerning the game. They are going to continue the game in December:
 "We only played through the first 12 turns. The plan is to play 15 or so additional turns on Dec 6th to reach a conclusion.

The Brits assemble in their DZ's & LZ's
"We will commence from where we left off. I'm going to replace some of the eliminated stands lost during day one, especially the British,(a result of regrouping & patching up wounded during the night of Sept 18-19th) so that all players start play with close to full strength units (including a couple of airborne jeeps).
The Brits assemble in their DZ's & LZ's
"As of now the Victory Level score is Brits 2 & Germans 0. The Limeys currently hold 2 of 3 DZ's & Frost holds the north bridge end. The Germans have no victory objectives. However, the Brits should take little solace from their 2-0 lead. While the Germans grow stronger by the hour, British chances of breaking through to Dapper Dave at the bridge diminish correspondingly. Also the Brits will have to give some attention to securing the south table edge & the Hartenstein Hotel.
The Brits assemble in their DZ's & LZ's
"Day two should see a lot of combat, with some of the players who mostly did marching on day one joining heavily in the action.
The Brits assemble in their DZ's & LZ's
"I sincerely appreciate everyone who made the effort to attend Saturday. Playing Arnhem has been a personal goal for the better part of two decades."

Downtown Oosterbeek with Arnhem in the distance
 I can't say enough how cool Jerry is. He's creative, generous, friendly, patient, what else...

More Pics
Air Recon of Arnhem

Gliders & transports down or arriving over the DZ’s.

British paras & glider troops assembled & ready to march toward Arnhem.

2196—Germans attacking one of the LZ’s.

The Paras advance toward Oosterbeek

The Brit Airborne armoured jeeps get shot up near the RR marshalling yards.

SS Captain Grebner’s recon unit attacks across the Arnhem bridge toward Frost’s battalion.

The 9SS Recon starts to take casualties on the bridge.

The fighting rages around Oosterbeek.

Thus far no British units have reached the St. Elizabeth Hospital just west of Arnhem.

Nice view of Arnhem looking north.

The Germans attacking the DZ’s start to take casualties.

Carnage at Oosterbeek.
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