Saturday, November 1, 2014

AFRIKA II Dec '40 - January 1941 AAR

December 1940
Axis - Just consolidating defense by trying to get some supply. As soon as  you get it, you use it.
use it.

Allies - I forgot to mention that the Allies lost O'Connor to illness/capture/? (bad die roll).  Built up forces and just couldn't
wait to attack on the Allied left. Exploit units took out the 28 Oct and 2 Lib Divisions and began to weaken the Italian right.
Will keep building forces for more attacks.

January 1941
Axis - The new year brings some good news, an Italian exploit unit finally gets into the area of operations.
The 8 Brs/Ariete. We counterattacked the Allied excursion onto the right and destroyed thier 7th Support and
LRDG (for the 3rd or 4th month). We used the 8Brs to reinforce the right. Reports have it under good  authority
the Germans are landing soon. We'll see about that. They will no doubt try to take over operations.

Blast, on the variable reinforcement table, the Allies had to withdraw two Brigades. Took out the just acquired KDG
Armored Car and 4NZ - both that had just arrived. Blast.
Ok, perhaps Allies are extending themselves a bit much here. See that supply in the wide open on the Allied
left? Not cool. Even though, they've succeeded in pushing all but two Italian units West of the Mussolini Line.
At what cost?

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