Saturday, December 6, 2014

Jerry's Arnhem Game Part 2

I was able to play in today's continuation of Jerry's 15mm Command Decision Test of Battle game. Click here for my first post and photos from the first day of the game.

Today, there was quite a group of players:
Jerry - GM
Germans: Ed, John, Rollie, John, Bill, Pat, Rich

Brits: Jim, Tony, Tim, Dave, Bill, Me
I was in charge of a battalion to help take Osterbeek. Tony was in charge of the other battalion. We took the hotel objective. But we failed by two stands to take Osterbeek.

West of Arnhem - Arty and landing zones were held.

Arnhem held for the Brits.

Based on objectives - it's a tie. But in Osterbeek we were just two stands from victory. In Arnhem, the Brits were down to about 3 stands. So it was a close fight that could have turned based on some different decisions Tony and I could've made in Osterbeek. Tony was great to plan and fight with.

Again, Jerry and his wife are amazing hosts and he throws such great games. All the guys were fun and the tight battle was fun.
Other pics:


  1. Brilliant looking game - I'm sure it was even more fun to play.
    Thanks for this report.

  2. Seems like a lovely game. Having been to the area quite often, I recognize a lot of geographical features. Nice!