Thursday, December 4, 2014

Lock N Load AAR - Kalach Bridge

Kalach Bridge
Mission - Germans need to blow up one side of the bridge in 7 turns. It means though they need to be to
the bridge by the end of turn 6 and be of good order all of 7.

Russians set up units beyond bridge to have as a reserve. They spread out the wrecks to hopefully
block out some of the shots that would probably come from the level two hill with a nasty 88 set up.

Germans have no motorized equipment. The plan is to attack heavily on the right hand side.
This will be a tough one. But heck, any attack is tough for me.

1st Turn - German 88 takes out the PZ II on the Bridge in the first shot. Shots from a T-34 Shook Sgt
Bauman and his Squad with the MG34 up on the hill. In addition, the German 2-3-4-5 squad attempted
to close assualt a T-34, but like my last game of LnL, they failed their morale roll and will be crushed
or shot to pieces. Sgt Beck moved up very close to the T-34 on the right as they prepared to go into the
house in F4 to start laying down fire. But perhaps they'll wait until more troops are forward to help.

Turn 2
German Inititative (You roll each turn for inititative simple d6vd6 roll. Ties go to the last side with initiative.)
The Germans needed initiative and also needed their 2-3-4-5 in E5 to pass their morale roll (2d6<=Morale,
in this case a "5" - rolled a "4"!)

Got initiative and the squad jumped in with their Satchel charge and blew the tank and it's crew to...
Scratch one more Russian armor unit in two turns.

I can't help but think about Chain of Command and how this loss of 2 armor units would reduce the morale
of the Russian side, potentially significantly... I like that rule and miss that a little in this.)

Anyway, nice start to a turn.

Turns out Russians can't hit much in opp fire. However, the T-34 did shake the the Russians can
hope they don't successfully rally.

Turn 3 - Germans maintain initiative.
88 Remains Shaken.
But have no fear the AA gun just forced the remaining T-34 to be abandoned and the crew shaken upon coming
out of the vehicle...seriously, who wouldn't be shaken after taking multiple rounds from an AA gun?

No more armor for the Russians. Goodness that didn't take long.

The Russians moved their troops to their right/Germans Left and filled in the gaps and take on the German
flanking move.

Man-o-man, suppressive fire just doesn't cut it. Germans laid tons o fire into the Rusians to no
effect. The lone squad that had been in G8, now in D8 took fire from 5 squads at various times thorughout
the turn and suffered nothing.

Other German 2-3-4-5 is pushing aggressively forward to what was an empty foxhole...However, the Russians
moved in there with a 1-1-4-5 to cover that advance.

The German Mortar is moving to the Southern Hill to get a better vantage point.

Based on Movement points, the Germans need to move at least one unit toward the bridge at
full speed for the next two turns.

Turn 4
2-3-4-5 Squad eliminated leader and Russian squad in G8 to eliminate a threat to approach the
bridge. The big problem, the leader and squad the G6 stone building. The 88 is ineffective against
it, unless it can roll very high damage roll.

Turn 5
Germans made slow progress, but there will need to be many melees to rid the area of effective
units so that one unit can stand by the bridge for 1full turn. the 2-3-4-6 German Squad entered into
melee with the Russian leader, squad and lmg. They locked into melee for the next turn.

Turn 6
Russians and Germans fought to the death in the stone building in G6. A sacrifice that needed to
happen for the Germans to get up to the hex. MG fire also shook the German squad in H5, so they
won't be able to recover from that because there's no leader to rally them. So the Germans will win
this one because the sole unshaken Russian squad can't see hex H6 in order to fire on it.

These are well designed scenarios. At least for the solo player. Almost all of the Lock N Load Scenarios that I've played have come down to the last turn. Well, okay, this one came down to the second to last turn, I'm sure there are a few things I could've done to help the Russian cause a bit. For one, I could've kept a guy in the stone building on the bridge to fire protected.

Initiative rolls also could've helped the Russians. Out of 7 turns (I rolled for the last one to see what would happen.) the Russians only won initiative once! Therefore, their tanks were blown to bits quickly by charges and AT guns.

Speaking of those guns, they couldn't do much against the infantry units.


  1. Nice After Action Report. It was a good read please let us know when you have more.