Sunday, August 14, 2016

Saving Private Rex AAR - Heroes Of Normandie

Soloed this one as my son was helping my wife paint a room. 

US victory. This game has a lot of luck, like where Rex turns up. In this case right next to the US.

That said, two troops, including a Willys were destroyed after taking possession of Rex.  

Need to read up on the victory points and how those work.

Oh, Rex is the general's dog that's run away and a bunch of poor US souls have to go find him and bring him back.

US gets one more than the attacking Germans to win the melee.

Keep burns but a wounded Lt Parks grabs Rex and runs for camp. 

Deck Project Pt 01 AAR

Real life - demo of deck to make room for a new one.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Godsend - Heroes of Normandie AAR

Wrapped up first full game of Devil Pig Games' Heroes of Normandie. Played the first Scenario, Godsend. Essentially a meeting engagement wrapped in a story about two squads bumping into each other as they look for a downward parachutist with a stash of secret orders.

Fun. Lots of little rules to remember, but that means some depth.

Game start

Around turn 3

Beginning of turn 5

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Heroes of Normandie Demo AAR

Played first demo (solo) game of Heroes of Normandie. (Thanks a lot AAC Dave for turning me onto this via the podcast.)
It was enjoyable. Lots of little things to think about. I know I screwed up defense and shooting and assault once. 
With the cards and a live opponent, this could be a fun tense game.
I've avoided it because of the cartoony nature because it seemed irreverant. But as I thought about it and what it's purposefully trying to recreate, I got on board. Even ASL is like a movie, just without being blatant about the graphics. ASL is Saving Private Ryan and A Bridge Too Far. HoN is Where Eagles Dare, Kelly's Heroes, and Inglorious Bastards (and oh yeah, Sgt Rock and The Haunted Tank.) Does the Haunted Tank show up in this or Shadows Over Normandie?

German Victory. The Germans successfully get briefcase and take it back to base. However, leadership believes this is a rouse by the allies and don't believe a word of what it says.

Couple screenshots taken from the demo rules - free on their website. And I used the demo setup found in vassal. Great way to try it out.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Another 1:1 Scale Project - Deck Demo

And now a new project begins - new deck. We're just demo and someone else is building. Aaron, and GPa Bill helped out. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Germany Wins in Extra Time Against Brazil to Claim Championship

Germany won the Soccero world championship today.

Germany 7 - Brazil 6 (2-2 at the end of FT) I have no idea how you notate that score. My son had won against me all but once. I then went on a 3 game winning streak. This game had so many steals on both sides. And I had 2-3 free kicks. We hadn't seen any of those in a long time. Germany's skill is probably too strong. The Goalie rolls two die to save instead of one.

I live streamed this one. 

Here's the link.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Brazil Wins in Last Second

What a game! Brazil (me) 2 - England (Aaron) 1.  1-1 the entire second half until the final seconds. England kicks it back to their goalie. Brazil rolls the exact number to try and steal it from the goalie and succeeds! 
Goalie is not fouled in the process.
England attempts to steal it back, fails and Braxil shoots it in and immediately the FT whistle is blown.

Brazil and Germany for the World Cup Championship.