Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fighting The Hedgehogs AAR

I didn't take great notes, but I wanted to post some pics of my 2nd game of Lock N Load's Heroes of the Blitzkrieg.  This was the scenario called Fighting the Hedgehogs.

My biggest takeaway from this game:  read and understand the victory conditions.  I thought it was simply that both sides had to eliminate more vp worth of the enemy.  I played it that way through turn 3 or 4 when I realized I'd made the error.  The real vp: French earned vp for eliminated units.  Germans win for exited units.  whoops.

The problem, I spent too much time with the Germans trying to take out units.  Instead, I should've shaken them and then scooted off the board.

Beginning of Game.  Germans enter from right and exit left.
 The French MG weapon team had the armor penetration card that allowed them to fire against armor.  Good thing.  It occupied one of the PZ IICs for 2-3 turns as shaken.  Using a reinforcement, I stick a squad with a Boys .55 to shoot at the backside of the entering Germans.  Nothing happens and then they are quickly meleed and taken out.

End of Turn 1

Good thing for the Germans, there was only one French leader, so there wasn't much Rallying to be done.  So anyone shaken, was probably going to stay that way.  Though there is a card that can be used one time to help rally troops.  Perhaps I should've used it earlier.   During Turn 2 the PZIIC commander and his tank attempt to take out the pesky HMG team.  And, the French 25mm attempts to take out the lead tank.  See that the Other PZII is still shaken.
End of Turn 2
The Germans begin to make good progress on the North and South sides.  The Lead tank takes out the HMG team.  Other PZIIC still shaken.
End of Turn 3

The lead German tank is taken out by the 25mm!

End of Turn 4
Finally, the other PZIIC unshakes and boogies to get off the board.  And a hero is created for the French on the South side.  This would slow down the southern troops. 
End of Turn 5

Tank makes it off.  And there's a German squad with just two hexes left to get off the board.  However, several shaken squads were left on board, which gave points to the French.

End result: French Victory:  12.5 vp to German 12 vp. 
End of Turn 6 and Game
The first two scenarios have been very close, coming down to it at the end.  Both enjoyable.

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