Monday, February 25, 2013

Two "New" Podcasts

I just stumbled upon these two crazy West Virginians (I think) and their messy podcast, The Messy Game Room.  They have a fun perspective on gaming and both play some wargames...which I like.  One plays ASL and the other plays Command Decision: TOB. 

They are not safe for the children, but like the crazy guys from Stevens Point Wisconsin, Point Hammered, I get this distinct feel this is how these guys talk when they're just hangin and playing games.

I'm not sure how to say this without sounding like a complete tool:  when initially listening to both podcasts, with their language, talk of beer drinking, and other off color topics, you might think these goofballs don't know what they're talking about.  But both have cool insights into their respective hobbies.  And they both make me laugh at their stories and views.

The other podcast is brand new and is called The Millers Tale.  This is going to focus on miniature gaming.  His sound quality is really nice and he offers some cool perspective on context in miniature gaming.

I really appreciate the time these guys put into these.

And again, I'm going to hype up my charity water campaign that ends April 28th - help us provide water to 50 people for $1,000.

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  1. *smile*

    Thank you. You just made the effort of throwing away the first version of the Miller's Tale because I wasn't happy with the sound quality worthwhile. :D