Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This Calls for Marines from Space

Be sure to read that headline out loud as though you're watching a 30's era sci fi flick... Or something from Amazing Stories.

Apparently Games Workshop Lawyers are short of real work and are on the rampage bringing down authors. Authors, no doubt, with evil intent of profiting from GW's hard work.

This author has had her story pulled from amazon rebook service because of potential copyright violations using the words "Space Marines" in her title.

Link to her blog is here:

Wikipedia info on the term"Space Marine"

Couple disclaimers - I'm not a copyright attorney and lay no claim to special knowledge in this area.

Two, I've not read the story.

Three (couple?) - I'm all for protecting what you've created and getting paid for it. I'm amazed at the time and resources spent pursuing tho type of work. Tells me there's a lot at stake.

Go check it out and give her your support with comments or blog post, if you think it worthy.

Update - Just saw a tweet from will Wheaton -
Hey, @Popehat and @EFF? An indie SF author is being bullied by a corporation and could use your help:


  1. The exploits of the GW legal department are too numerous to recount. No wonder the old guard left the company. I wonder if there's anyone of "our people" left in that cold, dead husk of a hobby company?

  2. GW at its finest, what a bunch of %$£!"!