Friday, October 5, 2012

Some Shout Outs - Podcasts and YouTubers

Thank you TheJoeyBerry for inspiration to create this particular vid - more shoutouts and positive vibes for YouTube - go watch, listen, sub the following-

Watch TheJoeyBerry
Watch terrainaholic
Listen to The History of World War II Podcast -
This podcast is basically a one man show where he reads like crazy every book on a particular subject and then retells it to the listener. He does it in a casual manner as though he were just telling a friend about it. I think of it like he's done a huge research project. He just finished the Battle of Britian. It took him 8 months and 19 episodes. He also does a great job of including both high level political, military views. As well as ground level perspectives.

He also just held a "talk" episode with the creator of the podcast below. Here, the guest asks the host questions  to clarify things and delve into areas not previsouly covered. A nice touch and change from the monologues. It all makes for good commute listening.

Listen to When Diplomacy Fails Podcast -

Similar to above, this host  (really should get their names)  does researches the biginnings and causes of lesser nokmnown wars. I've just learned about  "The Second  Punic War,  The Franco Prussian, and The Russo Japanese wars. Lesser known to me because I've been so focused on WWII.
Listen to Bolt Action Radio -

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  1. Thanks for this. I regularly listen to the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast in the web and the History Network in Itunes