Saturday, October 6, 2012

More Russian 15mm WWII Progress

Mainly doing this to keep me accountable and to show progress is possible if only one hour at a time.  This is an interesting aspect of the hobby. Just to get ready to play one IABSM scenario it can take months to collect and paint the figs - not to mention the terrain - of which I have 0.  Why oh why didn't I stick with 6mm?

Oh yeah, because I can see 15mm and it's actually fun to paint.

I used "red leather" on the one guy - and when it went on, i thought it too bright. However, after seeing it a couple times on the video - I think it's okay. Especially after I wash it.  Thoughts?

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  1. Todd, your colors look good to me. They say the smaller the figure scale, the brighter the colors should range so our eyes can actually register more to see....this is probably more important with multi-figure/multi-rank stands too, and as you say, your wash will additionally mute the colors.