Thursday, October 4, 2012

WWII Bolt Action in St Charles County

Seems Dave has taken to Bolt Action and held a game recently with the crew. They had a good time fighting the Ruskies and Germans in some WWII action. Sounds like they liked it enough that he's going to host one of these at his monthly Wednesday morning bashes and at the upcoming Command Con (Which i unfortunately will not be able to attend.)

(Side note - designing another BKC and Naval Thunder Scenario for Command Con was on my to do list. I guess that is one thing off my list - good?)

Dave frequents my blog, so if you have any questions, ask away and he'll be able to answer them. In fact here are Dave's comments about the game:
We played with my 20mm figs, but 15's would work just as fine. In fact there's been talk on the web that with the maintenance of the 1" interval between figures of the same squad/team being required, that 15's & 20's actually look better as far as their formation appearance on the game board, as opposed to larger 28's looking too close together because of their size to 1" spread "ratio".

Bill Gaynor even started to speculate on how FoW stands could be used either thru treating them as "individuals" (a unit stand being moved, fired, or damaged as a single figure), or to use a capping/roster method to mark individual casualties within each attrited multi-figure stand.

Here are some pics, not taken by me -

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