Thursday, November 6, 2014

Feb - MidMarch AFRIKA II AAR


AXIS - Man o Man, I get two coastal shipping available and 6 Port Capacity - I've been splitting it up, 1 unit, 1 SP, but it

seems fruitless. Using some of the Trento Division for trucking (Trento Option) because I need to get that supply


Rommel is in Tripoli - must get him ashore.

And makes his impact felt dealing damage to the Axis/Allied middle and pushing the 7Arm and

Shelby units down 2 steps and 2 hexes. They took another step loss when having to retreat across EZOCs.

Will continue to build up Forces in Halfaya pass and Bardia. I

I am confident we can hold off the weak Allied forces.

Oh yes, our Camel Group penetrated deep behind enemy lines and was able to procure some supply and

destroy a Supply depot (2SP used and destroyed).

ALLIES - Mersa Matruh dock workers must be on strike, this port's been open once in 6 months.

Anyway, backed off the line to lick our wounds and again prepare for an attack. I've got a long way to go to get Bardia and Tobruk.

I've positioned supply to rebuild my damaged 7 ARM units, and was excited to get 4 replacement units this turn.

Oh, we did take out the Camel Group and also lost a 4-3-8 7Arm Brigade in the process.

March 1941

AXIS - Looks like we're creating good old fashioned Great War lines in the desert. Even the aggressive Mr Rommel thought we should

consolidate our forces and prepare for an upcoming offensive. Our supplies are dwindling and I'm concerned we'll begin taking

losses soon. We hear of reinforcements coming, however, with supplies as they are, I'm concerned. Allied naval

superiority in the last few months has created a massive shipping loss and we aren't getting the promised supplies.

Though, this is what Rome tells us, I believe it's more il Duce's extravagances taking what little we have.



  1. Your awesome play by play accounts are dangerous to a former board wargamer like myself... I have no time to start a new campaign but man I would love to crack open Yom Kippur (from the same company I think) or Victory Games' NATO again.

    I was thinking about using large 3" square sabots (like Volley & Bayonet bases) with micro armor plopped on top for hex based campaign gaming where each stand = 1 Brigade and you use the CRT, combat values and rules from The Gamers or MMP. I think that would be fun.

    1. Part of my goal is to encourage others to play. I'm squeezing in play 40 minutes at a time.

      I recently acquired Yom Kippur - it will be a while before I get to it, but it's in line. Yes, it's also MMP and also part of their SCS.