Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Western Front Scenario 1 Turn 2 GIP

Command Decision: Test of Battle, Western Front Scenario 1 out of the rulebook.

Turn 1 here.

ACo took it in the kisser losing two Hafltracks to opp fire (one was from a weapons stand from 20cm away! Rolled a 10 for the hit effect. The crew bailed out but was hit and taken out (rolled a 9 for the effect.)!

CCo lost just one platoon to 105 fire (1 out of 3 stands took a hit.)

Germans took no losses.

Remarkably everyone, even ACo, maintained morale. That would not have happened if I'd been playing at Jerry's place! I usually roll very high for my morale rolls.

Turn 3 here.

ACo disaster. 2 Halftrack plts and 1 infantry plt destroyed.
Forgot to label I Battalion coming in from the bottom of pic.

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