Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Command Decision TOB Western Front Scn 1 Turn 5 GIP

ACo was able to take out a platoon from the German right flank, but couldn't take them out. But they're still demoralized, so they're not much of a concern.

Unfortunately, I Bn's progress in the center is stalled because of a Pin result on the morale phase. That holds them back a turn, at least. I suppose the Infantry riding on top can't get off either. And, I wasn't sure if the riders cancelled the automatic suppression for infantry being within 12 cm of armor.

CCo on the right only lost one platoon to fire and got away with a simple Pin on the morale check. However, it was the loss of the Company HQ that won't help them much.

The more close up pictures were taken because someone said I should get closer. So, not great with the iPhone, but not too bad...right?

Turn 4 here.

Turn 6 - game end here.

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