Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Decision at Elst DaE1 Ambush at Hopp AAR

Played my first game of ASLSK in a long time. This was also my second tank game. This is great solo and practice game. 3 Squads, each with a PIAT, and leader are hidden as 3 Tigers approach the town of Hopp. Germans win if they have >=1 Tiger remaining after 3 turns with at least their Main Armament still functioning.

Spoiler alert, they just did it. Last moves, two Brit squads rushed the tank and were then dispatched with the anti-personnel mines show out from the Tiger. Nasty business.

It was a fun game and reminded me why it's so much fun.

For example, the pic above shows my first ever shot with a PIAT is a critical hit, Tiger taken out!

The above picture was taken so I could post a question on FB about the rules. This definitely brought up tons of rules questions. I wish these rules were electronic. I could then search them and find the answers.

This picture does remind me: This squad's PIAT broke on it's first shot and then was fixed in the next turn. The Tiger's Main Armament also malfunctioned in the same turn, but was soon fixed. That Squad's PIAT then broke and was never fixed again. It took them 3 times to pass their PAATC to get into the hex with the Tiger. They then broke and casualty reduced when the Tiger's anti-personnel mines went off.

Picture at game end. See that MG on the right. The Immobilized Tiger shot their main armament at them and the leader died. The squad then failed their first morale check and then seeing their leader die, checked morale again and they suffered a reduction in quality. They then tried rallying and casualty reduced to nothing. I'm missing a step in their sad story, but suffice to say it was a bad series of rolls.

So what started out so promising for the Brits, turned very sour, very quick.

Next up, the second scenario in the Decision at Elst game.

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