Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Mighty Endeavor II August 21-30, 1944

August 21-30, 1944 Turn 8

Allies - supplies are hurting. Southern part of North France attack for Amis going okay. River line along Loire is looking pretty good and is now clear to Orleans. 4 Armor units try to exploit into Orleans - repulsed.

Southern Front, two German straggler units eliminated. Free French lose a step. They’ve turned their attention to Marseilles.

Germans backed up behind Seine. Will stay in Paris and duke it out - to slow them down and take advantage of ZOC.

Down South, Spreading out defenses to slow down potential flanking maneuver.

Allies are behind schedule (pronounced shed ule).

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  1. I've been following these posts for quite a while now and I find myself wanting this game!