Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Mighty Endeavor II August 11-20, 1944 AAR

11-20 August, 1944 Turn 7
Allies - South Beach landings on both beach hexes on either side of Toulon. No battles for they were uncontested beaches. Put the French  on the bigger Eastern beach because they have more units to bring on.

Also used the last invastion to land north of Caen, mainly to act as a supply port for the Commonwealth forces.

Port of Brest taken, but because of the lack of construction workers, it won’t be ready for 60 days. Not cool.

St Naziare taken without commandos.

There are some nasty Germans infantry from the 276th just East of Angers giving the Amis trouble, but they’re close to being surrounded. (German note, retreat to fight another day.)

Big news for the Commonwealth - 10th SS destroyed Northwest of Evreux, opening up a gap in the German lines. (German note: Perhaps it’s time to retreat to the other side of the Seine.)

Another gap made when the FJ division in 30.09 was dispatched.

Supply lines are thin. Thin. Thin. Just enough supply rules to keep it interesting for me.

Germans in North retreated back behind rivers and Paris was filled up. German units are kept on the flanks to slow down the allied movement.
In the South, the Germans have reinforced Marseille with 39 defense factors. Other units are spread out to protect flanks. Another German is moving down to reinforce Bordeaux.

Allies are actually behind schedule. I’m not even close to being where I need to be to launch Market Garden...if i would want to do something like that.

Whoops just eliminated our picture of the map at the end of turn 7.

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