Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A different kind of Madness

It's march madness time and I've got it, but not around basketball and brackets

My descent into the Abyss continues. First Doomed Battalions, now this. As I've said before, I'm trying to pick up modules as I see them, new if possible, and then used - if reasonable (meaning no Armies of Oblivion). 

Next up? New ones will be Yanks and BV (reprinting when?). 

I've got a lead on a copy of VoTG and Pegasus.
I don't know when I'll open these, but it's fun getting them and anticipating the clipping and sorting that await me.


  1. I have Armies of Oblivion and have played... one scenario from it? The play hours / euros spent ratio hasn't been good on my ASL collection. I also got VoTG, Pegasus bridge and all those nice goodies with similar playtime.

  2. I would offer you what you paid plus a little more, but you could probably get $150-250 US for AoO.

    1. *whistles*. Prolly not as much as it was a ziplock edition. I think I bought it from MMP when it was on sale for 30 dollars or something :)

    2. But seriously, I think the ASL community would be much healthier if MMP would keep the core stuff available without forcing people to deal with Ebay just to get some of the major powers into their OOB. I think all I'm missing are the French and my minor allies set is lacking as I only have the last hurrah. I got stuff like the PTO modules and such by chance when I bought an Ikea bag of ASL stuff for about 150 euros some years ago.