Friday, February 27, 2015

Pavlov's House End Game AAR - Advanced Tobruk System

On to Turn 4.
German Initiative. Tank turns and fires it's 75 smack dab into the buidling next door. C2. Leader and Crew each reduce one and remember
they don't have to check for Morale...this is huge.
Question - In another impulse, I wanted to change the Vehicle's Covered Arc (VCA) in order to shoot the bow MG.
I can't see how it supposed to affect the casualty table. I see if it was shooting on the Hit Probability Table (HPT) it would be affected by a +3.

Germans were able to eventually take out the Leader and crew in the G13 Building hex.  However, the Russians quickly placed more
units in the mix to make sure it didn't stay open.

The Russian is taking a chance at not filling that hex up with the remaining units. The thinking, there needs to
be a unit in each building hex to resist the Germans. All the Germans have to do is be the last occupying good order
unit in one of the three building hexes. This slows them down, though thins out the effectiveness of the Russian

The Russians had a reason to celebrate as the Norhtern mortar K-Killed the North PZIV.

The Germans have strong stacks ready to fire and assault G13.

And now, turn 5
Germans won initiatitive and tried took out the troops in G13 again. The Russians answered by moving a 6-4-8 into the hex.
However, opp fire, even with a crawl, whittled them down C2 (making them flip to the weaker 4-4-6).

The commisar also moved up a hex in the building, leaving G15 open.

German CPl saw the opportunity and took his 6-5-6 on a sprint across rubble and shellhole strewn ground.
The commisar took a pot shot at them and inflicted a C1 result!. However, they didn't break and they moved
into the empty hex! Making this a German Victory, having successfully caputured =>4 building hexes.

Fun and down to the wire. Pretty much getting the rules down. I know I've made some mistakes, but I feel pretty
good about most of the rules. Well, I had to refer to them a lot, but a couple more games will help.

Now the decision is, do I use the full rules that arrived yesterday to play scenario 2 or stick with the basic?

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