Monday, December 15, 2014

Battle for Noville SCS Bastogne Scenario AAR

Bastogne SCS Scenario 5.1

This is a two turn intro scenario turns 2 & 3. Germans must clear victory route Alpha.

Turn 2 Germans
Exploitation failed in both attempts and caused the loss of a step in both cases. US Arty DGed all 3 frontline
units. German Arty managed to kill off 3 steps worth of US defenders.

Turn 2 US
The Germans don't stand a chance at winning this. With the added 3 Airborne companies, this Victory
Route A is pretty strong, considering they only have 2 turns to clear it.

Turn 3 German
Game over - Allied Victory - The Germans got closer than I thought they would. However, they lost PZ
units like crazy. To get a major victory they were only allowed to lose 1 PZ unit step loss. Arty made sure
that didn't happen. There were just two units left on Route A. I moved those Arty units on Route A, but I
can't imagine that is supposed to be allowed.

You have to remember to use overrun and exploitation effectively in this series.

Next up, the The Battle for Longvilly, Mageret and Neffe.

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