Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Caucasus Campaign Game 1 Game End AAR

I finished this GMT east front WWII game, The Caucasus Campaign. It was fun and tense. A lot less exceptions than Normandy '44. I still had to review the rules at least once a turn, but it wasn't too bad.

Some things I'm remembering that I need to firm up next time (and there will be a next time):
  • Mobile Assaults and how to best use them (I only used it once)
  • Better use of the rail and sea movement
  • Keep the Naval Brigades on the Black Sea coast to threaten the coastal towns the Germans may take
  • Understand the Total quality of units 
  • Keep the Germans together better with a clearer focus of which towns they will capture
    • Also - better divide the armor units and air units

Weather was very good, only 3 bad days and the naval support never showed up - pretty lucky for the Germans. Also, the first couple of turns saw the Russians getting limited reserves (ie randomly drew several "None" chits for early reinforcements.) These would affect things in another playing.

And oh yes, this is post 400. Thank you all for your support (131 subs) and comments. My first post was this short post about DieCon 2011. That was June 5, 2011.  That's almost 30 months running averaging about 13 posts a month. That's pretty decent production I suppose. I'm averaging 1,885 monthly views. Or, 141 views per post. I'm not sure what that means in the big scheme of things, it's just fun crunching some numbers. At this rate, i'll be on post 500 around the first of July, 2014. See you then with a new update.

I just looked at my YouTube channel to compare: Began October 10, 2010...which doesn't seem right to me. Because I thought I started my blog way before my videos. But looking back, my first video was an unboxing of White Star Rising (also my most viewed video - it was immediately high because the game company, Lock N Load posted it on their site and it jumped up like crazy.)

54,557 video views, very close to my blog. 285 videos, quite shy of videos. and 276 subs quite higher than here. That's 191 views per video...though that first one skews it.  Anyway, fun times.


  1. so, how did you feel about value? For a 50-70 $ game and a paucity of components I am wondering if there is enough replay value to warrant the high price? Your play has me interested but my look at the game leaves me wishing for more.

  2. You can find it relatively less than that.

    But I see where you're coming from and it is so much less detailed and deep than most of your games.

    Though I could see it fitting with your games you play with your sons (ie introduction type games at stores in your awesome gameroom, etc)

    There's some Replayability because of weather rolls, variable timed reinforcements, variable reinforcements on German side an variable replacement rolls.