Thursday, November 15, 2012

20 6mm Buildings Pt 5 and Finished

Thank you Dave for the buildings. Complete, except for the gloss and varnish sprays.  Now I just need a way to store these. I'm thinking a couple of boxes with pluck foam.

Any ideas?

Here are some pics and a video. (Note: When I say Gun Beryl and British Legion and show a photo with an "Obey" caption, I'm having a little fun with a couple of other Youtubers. We go back and forth with our goofiness. GunBeryl is a fast and great painter, both army and terrain. He's in Canada. British Legion is also a good modeller and strays into a variety of games...currently Dust Warfare. Good guy who is very generous with his shoutouts and trying to grow the YouTube community.  I would enjoy very much meeting these guys in person someday.)

Red Roof Colors

Hay/Straw Roofs

Stone Colors
Part 4 (I seemed to have skipped Part 3)
Part 2
Part 1

GunBeryl's Youtube Channel
BritishLegion1 channel

BTW, Dave, is my debt paid for the buildings?


  1. Todd, they look GREAT! You did it!!
    Hey btw, better get the house-turntable idea patented before someone else steals your idea....BRILLIANT!!!
    Really though, fine job, and these have been fun videos too. :)))