Thursday, November 29, 2012

For Those About to Game, I Salute You.

This new school year has just been amazingly busy for us. We're trying to figure out the differences from last year, but it's definitely crazier.

Evidenced somewhat by the lack of posts in the last two weeks. Not even small posts sharing cool posts by other bloggers.

There have been a couple times where I've wondered if I should shut down the hobby stuff. Log out of the accounts, put stuff in boxes and just get back to it all at another stage of life.  But then I settle down a bit and try to get into a moderated flow.

But unfortunately, my personality is pretty much ALL IN or ALL OUT.  Moderation doesn't have a lot to do with anything.

Though it's a bummer, 'cause I've got 96 followers. Very Cool.  YouTube, about 70.  Also Cool. I've built up momentum, to some degree - small momentum.

Not much point to this entry.  Felt like I should say something about the lack of activity and potentially the lack of future activity.

For those about to game - I salute you!


  1. Say it ain't so I would miss your posts greatly !!

  2. There's no shame in taking break from the hobby, but please don't torch your sites and mothball your collection. Life will settle down, and you.ll be able to get back into gaming and painting before long. We'll be waiting for your return :)

  3. Thank You Sgt.

    I won't be shutting this all down just less frequent updates.

  4. The nice thing about bloging that there really isn't any pressure to produce. I follow well over 300 gaming blogs, plus blogs in my other hobbies. I just load them up in Google Reader and go from there when I have time.

    I think something is in the educational water this year! This semester has been very frustrating for all of us--as if the entire in-coming freshmen class to the college took stupid pills on day 1 and then passed them onto the sophmores. :-) I've been so worn out mentally that I got sick three times already, and we got two more weeks to go until this semester ends! Maybe I'll hit a fourth time! (Normally, I might get sick once a year.) And then we start all over in January. Joy! ;-)

    So I have been in your boat many times the past few months, wondering what the heck am I doing with this hobby that I seem to spend so little time doing. What am I going to post about in my blog? The educator in me keeps wanting to educate, not blather on or post nothing for long periods of time.

    Guess what? It doesn't really matter how much time there is between posts! Take a breather. Don't feel pressured. We'll be here. That's the awesome thing about reading blogs using Google Reader. We never miss a new post, even if there's three months between them.

    Hope this helps. I empathise 100%. I like the blog.

    1. Very nice words CPBelt and sorry I didn't reply when you typed them. But they're also words, I've passed along since then.