Monday, August 6, 2012

Pathfinder Mini Project

So it's not all RPing. I've decided to paint my own character. I mean if I'm going to play with minis I should paint my own guy, Ichiro. I bought Reaper, 03062, Darnath, Male Elf Thief. Can't see his ears so it'll do. There are some others I would like to buy but my FLGS, miniature market didn't have them so I got this guy.

Marshall, one of the other players is going to help me kit bash a long spear into his hand and take out the sword/dagger.

I also bough Reaper 60086, Ameiko Kaijitsu, one of the major NPCs in our adventure. I stumbled upon this mini and Ichiro has a crush on her so I thought I would paint her up.

Thing is, she comes like this and this size:

But could look like this (from the Reaper site, painted by Derek Shubert)
In the Pathfinder book she looks like this:

What have I gotten myself into? Marshall said, "You shouldn't look at the work of the Master Painters..." I know, blast.

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  1. I'd start the work on her from the base up.....if you do good there, then you might be encouraged to continue. :)))