Monday, June 18, 2012

Couple of Local Bloggers and Other Stuff

Wanted to give some shoutouts to local bloggers and some other stuff that crossed my screen this past couple o weeks: 

Blake just started a blog and it will be interesting where he goes with it. He games in many different periods from ancients to modern. I've never had a chance to play in one of his games. However, his tables at cons always seem to be having a good time with lots of cheers and sounds of fun. He's also very  good about scheduling games at local game stores to get people involved in the hobby - go check him out and follow him. - Blake's Gaming Adventures.

This is a link to Yockbo's Boardgame Blog : he's a local ASL/Boardgame player that has some interesting posts.

Sapper Joe - I've posted on him before, but since I'm talking "local" bloggers I thought I would throw him up here. And when I went over to make sure I got the url correct, I see that a lot of my current followers are already there. And, it looks like blogging has been put on hold. However, the cool thing about blogs, the archive is still there.

Adventures in Minaiature Gaming- I don't know how local but it's just the next state over, so it's not too far.

And now a couple painting posts that caught my attention as I consider moving into the East Front:
Model Dads - Soviet Infantry guide

and because those Soviets may be in 15mm, I enjoyed their 3 part series on how to paint this scale

(Seriously, moving into 15mm and choosing the Soviets? I should've modeled them in 6mm and the NW Europe crew in 15mm.)

And, Anatoli's Game Room: more tutorial fun.

There are lots of videos where gamers give little tips here and there. And then there are these long ones that really get into it. This will sound extremely nerdy, but the internet is so cool.

And that will do it for tonight.

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