Friday, June 15, 2012

Black Powder ACW Test

Game Setup
View from Union Commander's pov

End of turn 2 or 3

Played through the Black Powder rules for the first time as a test to understand them and to come up with a game to play with the local group. Used a set of mods to come up with some of the rules. The mods are by The Contemptible Little Wargames Club and they can be found here. They're very comprehensive. In fact, they suggest you play the normal BP way first and then try them out. I, of course, ignore their wisdom and dove in.

Definitely need to understand the rules better though. I feel as though I was missing something. I enjoyed them, just some things weren't feeling right.

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  1. Haven't seen the mods (not an ACW guy as of yet), but I would suggest you try out the game again using just the basic BP rules. When my local group played it (Napoleonics) the first time, we thought we had it down. But later play showed we had missed (or misinterpreted) a few of the basics for the first game. Great set in any case. Maybe not what some folks are looking for, but definitely suits me - simple and easy to run with folks with little or no previous experience - like at cons. Best, Dean