Monday, November 14, 2016

2016 Command Con

Thank you to Big Muddy, the GMs, and the players on a great con.

I had 4 fun games.

I played airborne and blew up 4 guns that were harassing our troops on the Dday beaches.

I then was one of two German Commanders in the South of France trying to prevent the allies from cutting off our vital supply lines and lines of retreat.

On Sunday I was one of two German Commander trying to breakthrough in Kursk.

Ended the con as airborne again trying to take over an important farmhouse overlooking a road junction that was key to the Dday invasion.

Great hearing people moan when the dice turned against them and the cheers when plans succeeded and the dice gods smiled upon them.

I had a hard time falling asleep because I kept thinking about games and what I want to play next.

97 pics of the Friday and Sunday games.

And now a google pics link for you non FBers.


  1. Todd, I really enjoyed playing with you in Mark's D-Day at Marmion Farm game! I'm not on Facebook, but know your pics are lookin' good, as the con was excellent this year.

    1. Dave - I've now added a google pic folder for you no. fBers