Thursday, September 15, 2016

Bottom of the 9th First play

Soloed to try out the rules - home team won with two outs, bases loaded. Singled using the batter's mvp move of "No Brainer". I didn't have to roll run dice and could automatically get on base after  making contact.

Should've put in the reliever because the pitcher was fatigued and was stuck on the same pitches. Lesson learned.

The game includes a small amount of bluffing, making choices of pitch type to avoid fatigue, and competing simultaneous dice rolling and being the first to roll a 5+ and say "safe" or "out". So solo play is not really possible though I was able to do it enough to understand the rules and the interactions.

Next I will try the solo version which is more a team manager concept of which I've not read the rules yet.

Components are really nice. 

Verge wrens Staab singled to bring Ethan into home.

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