Thursday, July 12, 2012

Naval Thunder River Plate

Graf Spee at the bottom and edge of the sea, I mean table
Graf Spee at beginning looking hopefully at the horizon for a win.
Graf Spee showing some pain-useless smoke cloud in the background
The beginning of the last turn-Graf Spee at the bottom of the screen
Game End - Graf Spee and one British Ship down.

Second play of Naval Thunder, but first with my painted ships! So much more fun. What was cool, as I got into it, I realized again what captured me about these rules. Very few rules, yet enough flavor for someone with a light interest in this theater of WWII to give them depth. Especially when the shells begin flying - the various hit results are engaging and I can completely picture what's going on.

I set up the River Plate Scenario out of the Bitter Rivals scenario book. Simple, just 4 ships:
Graf Spee


I only had Graf Spee, but proxied the British ships. (I'm slowly getting better at doing this. Ridiculous because so many of my games are solo - it shouldn't matter. But hey, if I'm going to play, let's get it right - BRING YOUR A GAME SON!) 

Moving on.

This game, just like the last time I played this, was quick and bloody. Neither game did the Germans fare well. Perhaps I could bump up the command ratings to help in some of the recovery rolls. But Seriously, these games have been blow outs. Okay as a solo player, but putting this on at a con, it would not be cool for the German player.

Though, it hit me that it may be cool to be a one sided scenario. Meaning the participants play the British ships and the GM plays the Germans.


  1. Looks good. I really must try a naval game one of these days!

  2. I still need to print my rules and have a game of this, you're not helping with my tendancy to impulse buy models!

    Nice photos by the way!