Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kings of War Sengoko Period Test

Tested out the Kings of War rules as another possible set for Samurai gaming when I had an hour during a recent trip. (20 year anniversary trip with my Awesome Wife to the town where we were married. Great time.)

There currently isn't a list, but I modified an English Civil War/Pike and Shot list someone has created as well as taking some hints from the Kingdom Of Men list. Needs some tweaking with the lists.

Also, I had no leaders, banners, or musicians...of which there would be some...and they are necessary. Otherwise units hit their nerve tests way too easy and are quickly routed off the field. Also, cavalry is way tough. I also made it way to the blue's favor just so I could get a quick result. But this was crazy fast.

One thing, the arquebus has the same range as the bows. It seems as though this era of weapon technology, the bow would shoot further than the guns - and be more effective. But I'm very new to this era, so I'm open to opinions/facts on this issue.

Cool thing about this set - even easier than Impetus and Black Powder/HC.

Will have to try this again.
Yellow Clan against Blue Clan on snowy fields
You'll see Yellow is down one unit and Cavalry Samurai unit (blue) will charge the yellow Samurai next turn
And, the end. Only the long blue Yari (Sprears) have one wound.


  1. She must be an awesome wife because if I do that next year on our 20th anniversary cruise there will not be a 21st anniversary. :)

    1. She was getting a pedicure - which is why I had an hour! Though I was making my final rolls when she got back. Close call!

      Btw, she is understanding. We even spent some time in a game store! I want everyone here to know she spent more than me. She wanted Pitchcar for the family. I just bought some Army painter black and Vallejo Field gray.

  2. Pitchcar is great fun and definitely a good game for the whole family.