Friday, April 27, 2012

Must Resist Another Game

Continuing from the last post where I was visiting all the cons I couldn't go to, I learned more about a couple of new games that are tempting...

Dust Warfare, mainly because the models are very cool and pre assembled. Though, I can't imagine I'll go through with it because of the scale - 28-30mm. But they are cool. The following picture is from the Fantasy Flight Website - go check it out:

The other one I learned of, Hawk Wargames (not much to see here, just a splash page), when I heard Neil's second Salute episode on the Meeples and Miniatures Podcast. HW has created a 10mm Sci Fi miniature game called Dropzone Commander. Sounds like it's going to be expensive to get started. So I may not play, but these miniatures are incredible. My 9 yr watched the video below and said, "Those would be fun to paint."
The following photo is from the Mr. Bug Man blog - go check out his post on this to see more pics.

Here's the Beasts of War interview of the creator of Dropzone Commander:

All that said, must resist the calling for another game.

Also, posting will be slim for the next 2-3 weeks because of my work with Geekway to the West as the Volunteer Enwranglement Officer + other duties as one of the board members. There's still time to register for this boardgame con featuring 4 days of 24-hour gaming fun.


  1. Yeah, I caved in and bought Dust Warfare. In my defense, I only intended to read it since I was curious with the system. It's apparently designed by Andy Chambers of ex-GW and ex-Mongoose fame.

    Yeah, sure, who am I kidding? The next day I went out and bought a medium Kampfläufer (the german walker) and a squad of Lasergrenadiers. The cost is actually on par with GW, a bit lower even, and you get the miniatures already assembled and primed. So it's not that bad.

    1. I was thinking the same thing with this game. Buy the rules just to see what they're like. The big thing stopping me is the scale. I really don't want to spend too much time and $$ on 28/30mm terrain.

      I know, I know, use books, blankets, and pine cones...right.