Thursday, April 26, 2012

3 Events I missed

Three events happened this past weekend that caught my attention - and even though I was unable to attend, I enjoyed them vicariously through my fellow bloggers, youtubers, and photographers - thank you all. I must say that I really dig this world of information we live in.

The BMHMA, Big Muddy Miniature Gaming Alliance, covering East Missouri and Southern Illinois, recently had a Game Day at Game Nite, in St Louis, MO...yes, you read that correctly. Sound like they had 9 games set up for the day - which is very good. There was quite a variety, here a few pics from the group.

Picture of Dave's Battle Cry game, courtesy of Dave S

There was Adepticon, probably not really my cup o tea, because it focuses on games I don't play, Warhammer, Warhammer Fantasy, War Machine, and Flames of War. However, based on the reports and videos I've seen, there's a lot to see and learn there. There are other games, lots of vendors and tutorials that are helpful to anyone in the miniature gaming hobby. Seeing the creative approach to the hobby is good enough for me.
Steve, from was there doing his thing helping out the Flames of War guys and providing some good pics and commentary.
The Garage Hammer guys provided live Ustreaming. That's pretty cool stuff for a bunch of fans.
And, of course, Shawn, over at Blue Table Painting covered it in 19+ videos.

And then there was Salute, in England. I like the sound of the Euro shows because they're typically focused on Demo games, as opposed to our participation games here in the US. I think this is because, in the historical realm, the players over there get more regular games in their local clubs. So, they go to their shows to see the latest and greatest and then to do some shopping.

And it sounds as though the demo games are played in 2-3 turns and then you move on. Here in the US, we want to have one game in 3-4 hours and have it come to a conclusion. Which is nice. But I think I prefer the short idea so that perhaps you could get 2 smaller games in the same time. Jerry kind of did this last year with Johnny Reb III at Command Con and I must say that I was moved to do the same kind of thing with BKC II and some of the other rulesets.

Matt gives a good review of what he saw over at The Wargames Table blog.
Ray over at Don't Throw a 1 blog posted his thoughts on Salute.
Neil over at Meeples and Miniatures has released a podcast (looks like more to come as well) about his experience at Salute!
And finally, below is the creator of Gruntz!, 15mm future sci-fi skirmish miniature rules, with his video:

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