Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"New" World War II Podcast

New to me anyway. This guy, Ray Harris, Jr, I believe a history major, started a podcast on the history of World War II. It's an interesting way to hear the history. He's basically a guy that's done a lot of research and then shares his "report" with us, the listeners.

He covers a lot of the basics that many of us would know, but also tries to get some more detail that we may have missed in our reading. In addition, I've focused my reading in certain areas of the conflict so am not clear on many other areas.

What's cool is that his style is such that he's just telling us what he's read, so he's not perfectly polished and will sometimes summarize and make editorial comments that seem out of place, but ultimately make it a fun way to listen. It's a great way to pass the commutes. And as a WWII nerd, it's like nirvana.

There's not much specialized on WWII in podcast/gaming podcast land so this is a nice addition.

Give him a listen and rate him on iTunes.


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  1. If you are interested in the history of some of the financial and technical support given to Hitler, check out Antony Sutton's book: "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler". Or these excerpts

    Also interesting is this video interview of Sutton: