Monday, March 19, 2012

Fwd: BKC II Game & Geekway

Took a break from the Drydock to play this table my 9yr old setup. Will provide a more detailed AAR when it's finished. I'm through two turns and the US has already destroyed a German reclaimed R35 platoon.

The Germans had "surprised" the US platoon that was going to attack from behind a hill. However, failed command rolls left the R35s in the open.

The next turn saw a rain of bazooka and Sherman fire take em down. The Co had to command them because both platoons had failed their initial command rolls.
after turn 1

After turn 2
My other hobby stuff was my work on getting the volunteers/potentials lined up for Geekway 2012. This will take up a bit more time as we move deeper into April and May.
BMHGA is asking for GMs for Barracks Battles at Die-Con. I would love to, but don't know, w Geekway stuff if I can make that happen.


  1. Really liking the flames and smoke

  2. Todd, and here timmy! & me were getting excited about playing some BKC II at Barracks Battles! :(

    Hey, nice set up even for us 9+ year old guys.

  3. Thanks guys - sorry, I'll have to see what I can do about BB. However, maybe I can put something together here at the house.