Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Inspiration from fellow blogger

I'm always running across blogs of gamers. Most of them, like mine, are pretty sparse. But I get it. This is a hobby that makes you want to share what you're learning to share the progress you've made, to share with community. So you start a blog.

But most gamers are also OCD and ADD. And it's easy to get distracted. I started this miniature hobby to recreate the actions of the 12th Armored in WWII. Initially their, and other US units, involvement with the Southern part of Operation Northwind. So I looked for rulesets, found Blitzkrieg Commander. Cool, I have a set. Oh wait, here's Mein Panzer. Okay, I'm good. What's this? Too Fat Lardies? Nice, I've got all the sets I would possibly need...but wait, there's Command Decision Test of Battle. See what I mean.

I chose 6mm for the cost, ability to game on small space, and the quicker ability to paint, etc. That part I've not wavered on. What I've moved away from is focusing on building out the 12th AD and German equivalents from that era. I was distracted by the scenarios in the books I bought and the supplements.

But after reading through all of Goomba Geek Fletch's blog. I was inspired to move back to my roots. Get back focused on my original intent: build the 12th AD in it's whole glory on an, essentially one to one scale. (Well, I would build it where a stand equals a squad and the squad would be represented by 3 figures. So yes, a little cheating. But I'm comfortable with this.)

While my intent is 1 to 1. I will begin it by modelling it where each stand is a platoon. This will give me plenty of variety and models to play other scenarios while I design/steal/borrow some Northwind scenarios.

Goomba inspired me because he's in a similar place as I am. Seems new to the hobby (the WWII side of it anyway.), wants to focus on a particular unit, The Green Howards, and gets distracted.

So thanks Goomba for the inspiration to get back on track and stick to my goals.

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