Thursday, August 4, 2011

Army setup Western front Scenario 1 CDTOB

The German Set-Up, though hard to see.
View from the Level 4 Hill-German Battalion Perspective
Reinforcements. I've added an M20 Greyhound
US Set-Up - Need to get a program to annotate the iphone pics.

Here are photos of the army dispositions.

The US will send A Co/2nd through the left flank to secure and possibly go for the exit/crossroads victory objective. The US must control that or the town on the hill, Amfreville. Since I don't have near enough stands for the reserve force, I've given the US some Halftracks because I don't have near the forces for this battle. So, perhaps the speed and HMGs will help them out. The B and C Cos on the right flank will go straight for the town. First with some smoke help and then some hits from the off board 105s. B Co is behind the bocage, on the road on the right flank. C Co is in the swamp, just off the edge to prevent any German bombardment silliness before turn one begins.

The Germans filled up Amfreville. The Battalion CO is on the level 4 hill to provide a nice spotting perspective to lay down their 105mm arty. On the hill is also an 81mm mortar and a 75mm infantry gun. The German R35 is on the hill, hull down, in front of the level 4 hill.

The center is covered by 2 Co in the bocage and on the hill with a weapons team leading the way.

The right is covered by 3 Co with a MMG pointed down the road and to the town Le Metry (sp).

One thing I like about the photo from the Batt Co's perspective: you really can't see the troops hidden behind the pot scrubber...I mean bocage. And, if I understand the spotting/terrain rules correctly, he won't even be able to see them as they cross the bocage because he's less than 3 levels higher than the bocage (It's level 2 while the hill is level 4.) And, the bocage obstacle will be closer to the US units than the bocage will be to the hill.  (Rule 11.2.5)  To rephrase that, the bocage obstacle has to be closer to the higher stand than to the lower stand in order for the spotter to see what's behind the obstacle.

I've got a few rules that will slow me down namely:

Understanding Terrain mods
LOS (really BUAs)

Hopefully this will get played in the next week.

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