Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Table for Command Decision Western Front Scenario 1

Same orientation as the picture to the right.

The bottom is the German Base Line
From the Southwest view. The building is le Meury (?)

Center of German line. Amfreville on left. le Meury on right
Took me a couple hours but I laid out the table and terrain for a playing of the first scenario in the Command Decision: Test of Battle rulebook (pg. 110).

I hope to play this in both CD TOB as a first solo play through. Then I will follow it up with a play through using Blitzkrieg Commander II.

I would like to get a few more roads (instead of the paper ones I'm using on this table.) and more rivers from JR miniatures. Jerry, with whom I've played a couple of CDTOB games with  has some great small roads made by ?...whoever it is, is now out of business. He uses them for trails and he's using 15mm.  Two things I like about them. One, they're less wide. Two, they're much thinner. The roads I have now are about 3mm thick. Which is quite tall for 6mm men.

I could also benefit from making some more raised terrain. Perhaps some big sections like the big hill shown on the scenario sheet in the top left picture.  I can make those.

Oh yeah some bridges would be cool too. One thing I could do much better: play with what I have. Don't wait for perfection. Like the layout of this particular entry. I don't like it, but I'm going to run with it.

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