Sunday, June 19, 2011

Paper Terrain - First time try

Order the European Village pack and entrenchments pack from Paper Terrain. Received in on Thursday and immediately built one of the houses.

Wow, who chose to go with this 6mm? It's so small. I bought these little scissors to cut them they're so small. I'm not even sure how to go about grabbing the paper to fold it - challenging. But please don't take this as a slam to PT's products. Basically they're printed on nice thick paper/card stock, with what appears to be laser toner? Very clear printing and paper is sturdy. I finished the building and while the roof and sides don't exactly match up, I like the way it looks. (Especially with the blurry iPhone camera!)

Quicker than painting a mini building. And better than I could've done painting. Again, pardon the blurry photo, but you can see it compared to a JR miniatures building I just finished along with some GHQ vehicles. 

I hope to follow up with better pics and an update on what I think of these. And, what they look like on the table.

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  1. Try a really sharp knife instead of scissors. Works well for me.