Saturday, June 11, 2011

Command Decision Battle For Moselle - 15mm

From Test of Battle Site
Wanted to post these pics of a Command Decision game I had today with a good group of guys from the Big Muddy Historical Gaming Alliance.

Actually, not all of them belong to the group, but you get the point.

The battle centered around the Moselle. Learn more here at the 80th Infantry Division website. Most of us commanded units of the 317th Infantry Regiment.

My responsibility was to cover the town of Bezaumont, a small town in France. Yeah, my Battalion, once attacked pretty much scooted out of town as I failed Morale check after morale check. In fact, most of my battalion didn't die, we just left the field of battle! It was one of the most pivotal turns in the battle. The Germans would've had a heck of time getting possession of that town with my guys "dug in" fighting till the end. But obviously, it wasn't to be.

Here's a link to the photo album. I hope to put a video up soon as well.

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