Thursday, December 20, 2018

Paratrooper Drama Series

Fellow wargamer and professional filmmaker, Lance Steen Anthony Nielsen, is busy working on the pilot for Paratrooper

They are working on the pilot and will be running a second indiegogo in January. In the meantime you can support the team by liking and following the Facebook group. 

They consistently are giving updates via posts amd videos and are writing the scripts for the other episodes while filming the pilot. 

If you want to support someone making historical television and a good story, go check ‘em out. 

My only affiliation is that I supported the original IGG and want this to get made. 

Also, all (as many as possible anyway) of my games from now until the end of 2019 will be paratrooper based, partially to support this production.

[editors note - now I remember why I’ve resorted to posting most of my things via YouTube and Facebook - posting via blogger is...challenging.]

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