Thursday, August 11, 2016

Heroes of Normandie Demo AAR

Played first demo (solo) game of Heroes of Normandie. (Thanks a lot AAC Dave for turning me onto this via the podcast.)
It was enjoyable. Lots of little things to think about. I know I screwed up defense and shooting and assault once. 
With the cards and a live opponent, this could be a fun tense game.
I've avoided it because of the cartoony nature because it seemed irreverant. But as I thought about it and what it's purposefully trying to recreate, I got on board. Even ASL is like a movie, just without being blatant about the graphics. ASL is Saving Private Ryan and A Bridge Too Far. HoN is Where Eagles Dare, Kelly's Heroes, and Inglorious Bastards (and oh yeah, Sgt Rock and The Haunted Tank.) Does the Haunted Tank show up in this or Shadows Over Normandie?

German Victory. The Germans successfully get briefcase and take it back to base. However, leadership believes this is a rouse by the allies and don't believe a word of what it says.

Couple screenshots taken from the demo rules - free on their website. And I used the demo setup found in vassal. Great way to try it out.


  1. The cartoony nature has me torn on this. I think it is the mix of efforts at historical units/capabilities and even, with expansions and Gazettes, historical campaings like DDay or Carentan, etc. while also being cartoony. Lot to like here...beautiful production, quick play, a surprising level of realism and tactics, but then you get Clint

    1. There's Clint, Marvin, et al. All our favorite WWII characters and heroes.