Saturday, February 27, 2016

Playtest Armour Battles

I downloaded this free set of rules, written by Jim Bambra, Armour Battles Combat HQ. It's basically the Armour portion of a larger set of WWII rules where each stand is a platoon of troops and a troop of tanks.

They use an opposed die roll to help determine what you can do in your turn and it's also impulse/pulse driven throughout the turn. Meaning, player 1 performs an action with a unit or group of units, then player two does the same. This goes back and forth until each side uses all their available orders. Then a new turn begins with a new command roll.

Obviously I'm simplifying it a lot.
My first command roll. Blue are Germans. If you roll more 1's than 6's, you have a command failure. All your 1's go to the other side to use as wild dice. In this case, the Germans didn't get to do anything in the first turn. They still were able to opp fire.

Burning M4.

When a unit takes 3 disruptions (hits) it is destroyed. When a unit is destroyed your side loses d3 off it's army's morale. The first army down to 0 morale loses. In this case, the Germans won the day with 1 morale left.

You can rally the disruptions off with a command. You also can take suppression off with commands.

I like the variable # of commands. I like how simple it was to get a battle going, even faster than my beloved BKC II. And I like the variable morale damage. 

I still don't have my head wrapped around the order system, both for units and the higher level staff command. In addition there are artillery rules I this free set.

The complete rule set is due out very soon. It appears it will have everything you need for a complete WWII gaming experience.

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  1. I'm glad you like the rules! A total Command Failure on the first turn sucks! Good to see that the Germans were not only able to recover from it, but go on to win.

    By the way, the Combat HQ rules are now available from Amazon on Kindle.