Monday, March 30, 2015

The Mighty Endeavor II, September 11-20, 1944 AAR

September 11-20, 1944 Turn 10
2nd Free French Armored were the first to roll through Paris, the citizens were ecstatic. They rolled on to sit outside of Charlons-sur-Marne.

Allies - Struggling a little with how to handle supply lines etc. I can isolate some units to the Southeast, but it won’t matter because they’ll be out of supply.

Le Havre is now surrounded, Beauvais fell and now units are North and East of that town. Amis rolled to the outskirts of the long forest that runs North to South outside of Langres. A heavy group is outside of Langres. Couldn’t attack though because I don’t have enough strength to attack there this turn.

Would like to narrow the front a bit to stay West and North of Vosges to the Channel.

South-Little bit of progress on the front. Made a hole in the lines. Plan is to starve out the Germans in Marseilles.

Germans creating lines of defense along road to from Somme to the North, to St Quentin, Reims, Salons-sur-Marnes, Langres, to Belfort.

12SS rebuilt and put into defensive line. Holding our own in South. Will extend defense around Marseilles in the next couple of weeks.

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