Monday, February 23, 2015

The Mighty Endeavor 2 West Front AAR June 16-30 1944 Allies

The Mighty Endeavor 2 West Front 2015 Play

Turn 2 June 16-30, 1944
Allies - Cherborg taken and it will become functional in the next 2 weeks! (IE rolled a 1 and it will be ready the next turn. A German unit in the Cherborg Peninsula is causing problems for the US and will hopefully be taken care of the next turn. They're surrounded, so there is little hope for them but to surrender.
St Lo taken.
British having trouble on their beaches facing down 2 Panzer Divisions, with 2 more in reserve in Caen. Will use airpower to full effect. Perhaps the US can surround them to weaken them.

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