Friday, November 14, 2014

AFRIKA II April 1941 AAR

AXIS - Just made it with supply. Shipping was down to 1. But fortunately I now have 6 trucks to work with. Without
that, we would've lost some troops. Building up a defensive line. I'm not totally sure how to make an attack in this
game. I'm getting some strength but hungry. And those darn escarpments.

ALLIES - Failed attack on the right, lost 2 units and didn't budge theItalians. The Center and Left were more successful
taking out 4 units. Two other good notes, we were able to move a nice level of supply up. I look forward to bringing more
up in the next turn. Finally, the LRDG group will die next turn, but they will be there to draw resources behind the lines.
I was thinking it would stop supply, but I forgot about overrun during movement. The Axis can defeat them and then move
supply through.

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