Thursday, October 30, 2014

AFRIKA II Sept' 1940

I've started playing MMP's AFRIKA II. This game belongs to their Standard Combat Series (SCS) of games. Some say Beer and Pretzel, but it's a little involved than that - the rules are pretty simple, but I can see the underlying success factors will be a challenge.

Here are my thoughts after the first turn, Sept' 1940:

Axis - Cleared out 7th Arm out of Sidi el Barranni and pushed them 5 hexes back along the coast.
Plan for second turn, get supply and some more troops up. I hope I roll for a lot more shipping. I may have made a mistake in moving
units from the first Tripoli box to the second one because I may get some good shipping rolls. However, it may be ok, because I'm going
to need that shipping for supply.
Allies - Built up Mersa Matruh with layered defense. Goal is to build up more units to begin attacking and pushing Italians back across the Mussolini line.
Because of replacements, I was able to bring back the destroyed 11Hus/7Arm and got them up to help defend Mersa Matruh.
Game thoughts - Supply, supply, supply. This watching of supply so closely is a new concept to me. This is a nice introduction.
OCS can wait another day!
During the Axis turn, I forgot to use trucks and shipping during movement and used them retroactively later in the turn. I remembered
in the Allies turn to do this.
Remembering how many truck MPs I've used is also new.
Man, O, Man, trying to balance out which forces use which supply sources is a tough puzzle. Also, 3MPs is nothing to get supply across this
stinking desert.

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