Monday, September 8, 2014

Gaming. Time. Ease. Patience.

Interesting that both of these posts happened, if not on the same day, then very close to each other. Both to me dealing with a similar subject of limited time and prepping for games - in this case RPG and Miniature wargaming - two hobbies that require lots of prep time and lots of playing time.

Baz Stevens talks about cards and using them for games. And Piers talks on the researching for historical accuracy.

I'm totally with Piers on his discussion of Battlefront. I've always had the view of not enjoying the rules so much but really liking the fact that they make it easy for people to get involved. We're talking about a hobby here, not claims to be The Source for All Accurate WWII History. I also believe it, SAGA and Bolt Action have brought young blood into the historical arena.

I'm also on board with companies helping people to get into their respective hobbies. Baz also discusses in the post just prior to the one I've linked, he talks on starter sets. He has some good ideas there as well.

Enjoy the reads and lets think how we can improve, increase and enjoy the hobby. S

Side note: I live in the St Louis area and based on recent events I'm also inclined to say, "This is a hobby that we're blessed to participate in and any problems or animosities we may have pale in comparison to some of the shite going on around our world." Perspective is huge.

Both pics are of their websites.

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  1. Interesting posts. Your links had me go search both sites. I can see both sides of the research thing. In the end, all we want is to have fun pushing around our toys on a table. Any doubt their toys, ask our wives. :)

    I love doing research. That is a hobby that supports my wargaming hobby. But there are days when you just want to play a game. If you can get that with a FOW/Bolt Action/Whatever and have fun doing it, great. I am not a fan of those rules. But I will give props to FOW. Their attempts to give you a good potted history coupled with info on how to paint your toys is of great value. I am partially color blind. With out FOW painting guides, I would not have painted WWII miniatures. There is a place for many things in the wargaming world.